The WORX WG783 Lil Cordless Lawn Mower

The WORX WG783 Lil Cordless Lawn Mower has earned a four star rating. Nearly two thirds of customers gave this electric mower the highest rating of five stars. There were a small number of one star reviews as well.

Customers loved the fact that this WORX WG783 Lil Cordless Lawn Mower is ready to go right out of the box. Most also came with a battery that was fully or almost fully charged. An extra couple of minutes and this mower was ready to get to work. Reviews noted that it takes more walking due to the smaller cutting path, but it was lightweight enough to easily tilt when necessary. Consumers who have owned other models of electric mowers in the past seem to prefer the WG783, even though it is smaller.

Although small, users commented that it was powerful enough to get through even this St. Augustine grass. One reviewer even noted that this mower took care of weeds, vines, and pine cones as well as a gas mower.

A few of the negative reviews had to do with the company’s customer service. When some customers called the customer service number, they were greeted with an automated response that promised a return phone call in a few days due to high call volume. A couple of people noted that their mowers were delivered without the lower handle. One of these customers spent six weeks trying to get through to a live customer service representative to fix the issue only to find that the part was on back order.

Some users also lamented the fact that the WORX WG783 Lil Cordless Lawn Mower struggled with especially tall grass. This is a common problem with electric mowers. Moist grass can be an issue as well.

The WORX WG783 Lil Cordless Lawn Mower is an excellent electric mower for very small yards, so long as you receive a machine in working order. If you have warranty issues with the machine, you are apparently likely to have significant trouble getting through to customer service and getting the parts you need.

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