For both two and four stroke machines as more of a preventative, it would be recommended to have the machine serviced once a year

For both two and four stroke machines as more of a preventative, it would be recommended to have the machine serviced once a year. For a four stroke machine this is definitely an essential just like your car a four stoke machine has separate oil and separate fuel and the engine oil needs to be changed at lease once a year, for domestic use, for a contractor this would vary depending upon how many jobs a week they do but at least once a month (or every 20 hours of use). At Thomson’s we offer two types of service: 1. Lite/Annual Service, which as suggested above keeps you machine running well. 2. Full Service, usually gets done when you’re having trouble starting your machine and includes cleaning and flushing the fuel system and stripping down and checking the carburetor.

A couple of major Do’s and Don’ts

Do run your two stroke machines at full power, a lot of people make the mistake of not running the machine at full speed as their afraid to hurt the machine. Two stroke machines are designed to work hard and work best when their running a full power. Problems will be caused with unspent fuel and carbon build up when the machine is not run at full power.

Do mix your 2 stroke fuel mix correctly – don’t guess it! It will save you $$$ in the long run.

Do give your 2 stroke fuel can a bit of a shake before refilling your machine as sometimes the oil can settle/separate from the fuel.

Don’t lend your machine once again it will usually end up costing you $$$ in the long run.

Don’t tip your four stroke the wrong way, YES there is a wrong and right way to tip your four stroke, the rule of thumb with four stroke machines is keep the spark plug in the air. With most mowers this means remove the catcher and tip the machine up on it’s bottom or flap if you need to look underneath it. WHY? a four stroke machine has a sump at the back of the engine and if we tip it the wrong way oil will run from the sump to the front of the engine and into places where it’s not required like the air filter, cylinder head and or muffler. This can mean an expensive repair/service to your machine.

A final thought… As with most machines, cars etc, if you look after them they will in turn perform well and give you a few less headaches to deal with. A few dollars spent on a annual service will save you $$$ and prolong the life of your out door power equipment.

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