Epic EP21H 21-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Approximately 5% of the air pollution in the United States emanates from gas powered lawn mowers. The Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower allows you to be part of the solution. It is one of only a couple electric powers that are self-propelled. Electric mowers tend to be heavy. The shipping weight on the Epic EP21H is over 100 pounds, so the self-propelled feature is a big plus.

The Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower is an odd looking machine with a high efficiency motor and a sealed lead acid battery. The average energy cost per charge is ten cents, which gives enough power to mow an average sized yard with only one charge.

The Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower has earned a 3 ½ star rating, which is slightly lower than the average electric mower. Only one third of customers gave it the highest five star rating. One star ratings numbered in the double digits.

Many of the negative reviews were of mowers that arrived with a defective motor. There are a couple of reviews like this. Others received mowers that had been damaged during shipment. The battery life was also an issue for several customers, one of which had to recharge the battery four times to finish mowing their yard.
There were several other complaints as well. The user manual is apparently severely lacking. Batteries that worked well during the first season of use failed halfway through the second season, and a new battery’s cost is expensive.

There are a large number of purchasers who really liked the Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower. Many mentioned the same issue of battery life: it lasts 45 minutes at the most. Yet, they were still happy enough with the performance to issue a five star rating. Buyers gave this Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower positive reviews for how it cuts through tall and wet grass.

People who bought this electric mower to replace their gas powered machines were some of the most pleased. Wheel traction seems to be good, and the rear wheel self propulsion system performs wonderfully. The fact that this is a self-propelled mower is very beneficial to those with hilly or rugged lawns.

It is hard to give this Epic EP21H Cordless Lawn Mower a good recommendation. While some users were pleased, a large number found that the battery did not last long enough. Even some of the positive reviews mentioned this. Also, several of these mowers arrived damaged. This mower is not available now on some sites, which might be fortunate considering its numerous problems.

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