A Healthy Take on Yard Work

You would think that doing a hundred things a day would make you lose weight but the opposite is true. You’re still packing that baby weight, that beer belly, those love handles. It’s pretty depressing but what can you do. There is no time to exercise because your schedule is already full. Unless you forego sleep and eating, maybe you will get a chance. But right now, your choices are very limited.

A good idea would be to integrate physical activities in your everyday routine. Walking and taking a bus instead of cabs, taking the stairs and jogging every time you move from one place to another. If your daily routine includes yard work, there is always an opportunity to include exercise. One of the hardest work to do is lawn edging. It’s not exactly a lawn if it looks like it is part of the street.

Lawn edging requires you to straighten the borders of your lawn using tools like shovels and grass trimmers. Even though this will give you ample exercise you have to consider the time it takes to finish the job. You need a tool that still requires work while cutting the time you spend on lawn edging in half.

A good old lawn edger is the answer to your problem. Lawn edgers are hemispherical blades attached to poles that are used as handles. They come with footplates that allow you to push the blade into the ground. It will take longer than automatic edgers but at least you can still consider yourself physically challenged.

Choosing the right lawn edger is tricky. Some are made from different materials. What you want is the stainless steel ones. Some offer wooden handles. These create a nice nature-friendly dcor for your lawn edger. Most offer metal handles but your biggest concern is the length of the handle. It is hard on the backs of taller people if they choose lawn edgers that have shorter handles. In this case, you can look for lawn edgers that have retractable handles.

Check your local hardware or gardening store if they have some in stock. If they don’t or if you don’t like what they have, then it’s easier to go online. Many sites offer minimal shipping fees and sometimes free. This way, you won’t have to trouble yourself with looking for a lawn edger that’s just right for you and your fitness needs.

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